BMD Drum Circles

Therapeutic Drum Circles for People of All Abilities

IMG_2834“The residents are still talking this morning about how much they enjoyed the drumming circle

I’ve been a drummer for my whole life and a drum teacher much of it (click here).  I also have a master’s degreeIMG_1527 in biotechnology and managed a research oversight group until my disease progressed to the point that I couldn’t work anymore.

i was seeing a lot of research on the effects of group drumming on many groups (dementia, Parkinson’s, PTSD, autism, stress, etc.) and I knew that, anecdotally, it made me feel better!

IMG_1523I decided I would buy a bunch of drums and percussion equipment and make sure that people of all abilities can participate in the therapy, activity and fun! I wanted to bring joy to the masses!

Feel free to contact me for details:

I love doing this and it’s as therapeutic for me as it is for everyone participating!  I, of course, have expenses related to travel and instrument repair and replacement. I do appreciate donations :).

They haven’t stopped asking when you will be coming back ever since you left”

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Here’s a video about the accessibility and benefits of my drum circles