Drummin’ Does A Body Good!

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re really cold, go to bed, get under the covers and feel all warm and tingly? That’s me when I sit down to drum. That’s what I want to share you.drumming 1-15

Research has shown time and time again that group drumming is very therapeutic (click here). Group drumming synchronizes the two brain hemispheres so that they’re working together and it’s one of the only activities that actually does this.

Group drumming makes you think about the drumming, the music, and the camaraderie that goes with it. It doesn’t allow you to think about everything else that might be going on in your life. It lowers blood pressure and enhances the immune system. It makes you feel good.

It’s like meditation.

It’s great for kids and adults – it’s active, engaging, and you don’t have to have any particular abilities to do it. It’s great for reducing stress and focusing your attention, it keeps the muscles moving, the blood flowing, the nerves firing, and it’s healing – both physically and mentally.

When I sit down to drum it’s like I’m in a different place. It’s like I have a new meaning.

Group drumming is something I always thought about but never really pulled the trigger on because I felt like it was poorly represented. I think there’s a connotation, a Woodstock – hippie connotation, that goes with it.

Once I left work due to my disability, I felt like I needed to do something with my time. I wanted to share my experience with others that might have the need and the desire but not the means. I wanted to use my experience as a lifelong drummer (click here) in bands, as a percussion instructor, as research administrator, and as a public speaker, to spread the word and give people a chance to participate.drumming-pic-1

I purchased around 20 new drums to go along with my existing percussion equipment and decided an an approach to make the experience accessible to everyone. I let the MS Society know, the local Spinal Cord Injury group, my drummer friends, and anyone else who would listen.

My goal is to get people involved, both physically and socially, and I can’t think of a more fun way to do it!

Let’s have some fun and feel better while we do it!profilepic

Check out my Facebook drum circle page (@bmddrumcircles) or email me for more information.


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