Clinical Trials

More than anything, it’s important to understand that clinical trials are research studies and not considered treatment.  I have them listed in “healing hints,” but it’s because of all of the other great things that you experience and that come out of clinical trials.

Here is a presentation I made a while back about my history, a clinical study that I did (swallowing worm eggs), how trials work, safety, and instructions for finding one that’s right for you.  I have always tried to make the point that the process is slow, anyway.  If people with your disease don’t line up to participate on these trials, it takes even longer to find effective treatments for people with your disease, if it happens at all.  Don’t let THAT be the bottleneck.  This is what you can AND should do to take control of your situation as well as help the cause.

Around 25 minutes.

*Press “start prezi,” give the presentation time to load and then press “play” in the lower left corner.

You can jump ahead by using the arrows at the bottom of the presentation (after you hit “play”).  If you want to just see a certain section, you can skip ahead to the following slides:

      • 12 – What is a Clinical Trial and how does it work?
      • 19 – Safety
      • 26 – My study
      • 34 – How do you find a study that fits your situation
      • 44 – Why do you have to wait SO LONG for an effective treatment?!